what have i been doing?

it’s finally over (again). freshman year has come and gone just like that. stayed overnight in school on wednesday night to finish up everything. it was kinda fun. loved the company. :D

the next day, we had a mini exhibition of our art pieces. dilip invited the whole admin department up to have a look. @_@

12 more pictures under the cut.

this is my section. i can’t say i haven’t improved but i want more… procrastination be gone. i’m so going back to school every thursday for nudie drawing with ubisoft.

my rendition of beauty and the beast. i have to admit i can’t really draw monsters. but through dilip’s guidance i managed to come up with this. thanks to wuddy as well :P

other exhibits.

lok’s. i took this because i want her to put it in her faceless facebook.

eli and ryanz myanz.

mandapanda, eli and me. look at our eyebags oh my gosh.

after school, panda, kelsie, japher, wuddy, loks and i went to waffletown for a mini celebration.

waffles with sausages and egg. panda and i had this.

lok’s waffles with bacon and egg.

kelsie’s strawberry waffles with whipped cream. eww to the cream. i want fresh strawberries not preserved ones. so demanding but i don’t care! :D

wuddy’s 3-piece chicken.

japher’s dessert.

the waffles were good but i prefer shokudo’s fluffy ones.

other projects that i worked on:

mr. muscle man made up of sculpey clay. it’s not very completed yet. i may want to add more details but knowing myself…

and this is for our film module. the theme was “kung fu western noir”.

LOL. we had to write the script, plan camera angles and music etc. editing the video was a killer but it’s all done. the ending was kinda bad due to the huge space on the left but oh wells.

other assignments includes acting and animation. i am just glad that this is over. i can finally have my beauty sleep and get rid of my pimples.

please let me know if any of you have job offers. :D any type is fine.


6 thoughts on “what have i been doing?

  1. Congratulations on completing your freshman year! Onto sophomore and may the times be good! :D

    Can’t wait for your party! ^__^

  2. omg darling did u just put that video on youtube!? i wanna hide myself forever T.T super unglamsdzzdzss like shiat!

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