good company good meal

went back to school to hand up some back-logged work to dilip. i think he needs to be more strict with us. but then again, it’s due to his leniency that we love him so much. :P

met jenny at city hall for dinner at sushi tei!

9 more pictures under the cut.

started with salmon sashimi. ♥♥♥

aburi salmon roll. a combination of my favourite ingredients – salmon and avocado. i ordered this as an alternative to the dragon roll because i can’t eat prawns. :( so awesome i tell you. too bad it’s for a limited time only.

unagi + tamago sushi.

maguro temaki.

salmon sushi.

swordfish sushi.

more unagi because it was so good!

after that, we headed down to the basement for dessert.

had matcha ice cream at ochacha. the ice cream itself was not sweet at all, that’s why the red beans are  needed.

thanks jenny for the birthday treat! the sushi made me happy because it always does. :D


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