buddy outing

spent the afternoon out on a mission with buddy – getting party decorations for this saturday.

23 more pictures under the cut.

outfit for a sunny day:
top – valley girl
shorts – self-altered
denim vest – online
beaded necklace – far east

we had lunch at victor’s cafe (sunshine plaza) first.

iced milk tea. it’s special because the ice is on the outside and not inside the drink which would potentially dilute the strong heavenly taste of the tea.

lotus leaf chicken glutinous rice

super silky chee cheong fun with char siew.

some teochew dumpling which contains radish, peanuts, chives, carrots and mushrooms. unique taste but i like!

quail egg siew mai with vegetables. quite normal but the prawns were pretty succulent. almost got scolded for eating prawns. lol. but no itchiness to my hands so far. :D

milk custard buns. i’ve read raving reviews about this on many food blogs so i just had to try it. it was moist, unlike those that i have eaten before *coughs*lao beijing*coughs*. the buns also contain a speck of salted egg yolk which complimented really well with the custard. i love sweet + salty stuff.

some bun with contains chicken, prawns and eggs. nothing special. can do without it.

oyster sauce char siew buns. a tad too salty but still good!

out of all the buns, the milk custard one was the best.

ended our meal with dessert. some mango thing with sago and pomelo. the total bill was only $34+ for 2 people which is really reasonable. i will just go there whenever i feel like eating dim sum.

made our way to concourse to get decorations after that but discovered that they tore down the shopping section for renovation. the security guard told us that the shops have moved to this ICB building which was just next to iluma@bugis.

artsy wallpapers at iluma:


tokidoki! one of my favourite artists.


so i bought 20 metallic blue and 20 silver balloons for $8. i didn’t know that balloons were so expensive. :\

the sky was camera friendly on this very day. just had to snap a picture of it.

next, we went to the library because i wanted to borrow some drawing books. we came across this epic fail book which i’m going to blog about soon.

me camwhoring in the car. parked near golden mile food complex and walked to arab street/haji lane.


love these shophouses.

these textiles must be pretty ultimate since it’s dilip’s :D

walked to golden landmark to have a look at my favourite antique shop.

walked back to haji lane because i wanted to go to my favourite vintage shop. saw this bag that i like going for $126! :(

graffiti wall at the back of haji lane.

some statue outside an antique shop.

strawberries from carrefour going for $2.95 only!

watched wolverine with eli, hadrian, kelsie, mandapanda, buddy, loks and david in the evening. it was pretty hilarious (in the bad way) at some parts. though i have to give credits for hugh jackman for his awesome acting. :D


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