3 consecutive days of japanese nom noms

just to clarify, “radashay” means cool/great in simlish. HAHA! my pre-order for sims 3 is a birthday gift from buddy! argh! can’t wait to play it. which wont be anytime soon because (1) it’s released only on 2nd june and (2) i need to get my customized ultimate gaming pc first (f.paps, i’m hinting you XD). no offence but thanks for torturing me buds. :P

23 more pictures under the cut.

on monday (11.05.09), i met alwyn at tamp 1 for dinner. ate at manpuku:

i had the mochi cheese okonomiyaki.

alwyn had the omu rice with tempura, kaarage and hamburger steak.

the food was alright i guess. would like to try the fruit tart some other day. went to take a look at uniqlo as well. decided not to buy anything for the time being because it seems that everybody in singapore is wearing something uniqlo. i shall just stick to the mos burger logo tee i got from japan for the time being.



tuesday, (12.05.09) which is also my actual birthday, was a buddy outing with none other than buddy. lol.

outfit of the day

dress – mdscollections
necklace – fourskin

first, we went to kuriya fish market at great world city for lunch.

buddy’s tori-katsu curry and cheese set meal.

cheese goes well with anything. agree?

my sashimi and sushi set. I LOVE.

salmon, swordfish, maguro and octopus

i like everything in there except for the ika sushi. not a big fan of squids. was feeling quite full so i threw one piece of california roll to buddy. :D

we shared another plate of swordfish sashimi.

and unagi cheese sushi.

after lunch, we went to cineleisure. caught star trek which was 10 times better than wolverine. walked around kinokuniya before going back to cineleisure for dinner at pasta mania.

buddy’s marinara.

apple crumble pizza. so good. healthier version of mcdonald’s apple pie. i had half + 1 piece of this.

meet my cameras, chadwick (canon), mitch (holga) and bongo (fujifilm). i’ve got 3 cameras but i still want more :\ it’s insane. i’m looking at blackbird, fly and lubitel right now. buddy’s fault. *coughs*. actually it’s my fault, i think. HAHA.

last stop, ice cream chefs. horlicks with granolas + granny smith apple / chocolate hersheys + creme brulee with oreo biscuits.

i love ice cream from island creamery and ice cream chefs. need to try ice cream from u.d.d.e.r.s too.


today (13.05.09). met queenie at MOF@bugis for lunch. it was a birthday treat from her. thanks queen! ♥

queen! another person who watched me grow up.


avocado and tofu salad!

my unagi set meal.

it comes with this pot of chicken kaarage simmered in some sauce. it’s been a long long time since i’ve eaten any deep fried food.


queen’s tan-tan ramen.

we got this dessert for only $3.30 because of my set meal. :D

thank God for friendships. i treasure each and everyone of them. :)


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