ma maison

i’ve heard of this place for a pretty long time but never got the chance to have a meal there. actually i think i did. once. when i was really really young. i remember the surroundings in the restaurant but i don’t remember any details about the food. :D met with f.paps for dinner at the bugis branch.

5 more pictures under the cut.

love this lamp behind me.

started with a caesar salad.

f.paps’ hamburger steak.

my omu rice with brown sauce. the sauce was a tad too salty. had to drink lots of water while eating and i only managed to eat half of that. :\ next time, i will just have the omu rice with ketchup instead of the brown sauce.

shared a chef’s pizza. thin crust with lots of cheese.

there’s a 20% off the total bill for ladies on mondays. :D girlfriends, we can go together next time.


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