my first roll

developed my first roll of film taken by my holga. i was quite surprised by the outcome. i guess that’s the beauty of toy cameras. unpredictable and random. out of 16 shots, only 8 were workable. :D

all the photos in this post are double exposed because i love doing that.  hoho. it’s something that you can’t do with a digital camera.

#1 shadows + singapore river

6 more pictures under the cut.

#2 boat quay, courtesy lion and shophouses

#3 soma cafe

#4 chinatown; rooftop garden

#5 chinatown with fisheye lens

#6 chinatown. this picture looks very hong kong-ish.

#7 haji lane (this is one of my favourites!)
i have just started shooting with my 35mm roll. can’t wait to see how the pictures will turn out.


7 thoughts on “my first roll

    • hi. i did a double exposure on my holga. meaning i shot on the same frame twice before advancing the film :)

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