photography excursion

had an photography outing with buddy last tuesday. we walked 8 hours straight only stopping for lunch and tea – which added up to be less than 1 hour. i asked buddy not to drive because i just wanted to see him not driving. LOL.

23 more pictures under the cut.

outfit of the day
top – soon lee
shorts – padini authentics
shoes – converse
sling bag – DCP (bought it just for my cameras!)

this is a digital shot using my holga’s fisheye lenses on chadwick. :D

walked to hong lim complex because i thought since we’re at chinatown, we might as well try the raisin cream bun from barcook bakery.

lots of choices but we are only interested in one. in fact, everyone is. most of the orders consisted of the raisin bun and the muesli loaf. the queue was pretty short but we waited close to half an hour because we had to wait for the buns to bake. plus there’s a person in front of us who ordered 100 buns. insane.

everyone has to try this really. it. is. so. darn. freaking. good. the bun is soft and warm on the outside and piping hot on the inside. the cream cheese was not overly thick and the raisins were plump and juicy. @_@. i want more now!

after that, we walked back to people’s park food complex to have lunch. i wanted to try the chee cheong fun maki from this stall called shun tuck cheong fun. saw this in one of the food blogs i frequent and found it kinda interesting to incorporate japanese cuisine with chinese. however, it only tasted alright. the cheong fun was too hard for my liking. but well, i guess it needed to be hard so that the ingredients will stay intact. i’d rather have my sushi over this.

more pictures snapped in chinatown:

pretty shophouses.



one of tourist carts selling beaded accessories. love the colours.


we reached clarke quay at around 3+pm. the sun was too bright to take any decent shots so we walked around liang court for fun.

then, we had tea at sun with moon.

my tofu cheesecake.

buddy’s goma pudding.

they were having a 30% discount off the total bill promo due to their anniversary or something. :D i love discounts.

a shot of clarke quay before heading to our next destination.

twilight zone.



parliament house.


sir stamford raffles in white.

black version.

supreme court.

ended our journey at raffles city where i had a slice of my favourite carrot cake from cedele. :D

met mandapanda at bugis for ah chew’s dessert before heading home.

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