i can do better

outing with f.paps and am yesterday. brought them to sumomo restaurant at princep street because it seems like they are the only restaurant that offers d.i.y. okonomiyaki. honestly, they did not impress me at all. *coughs* i have pretty high standards when it comes to japanese food. :P

13 more pictures under the cut.

am and i! taken while waiting for the food to arrive.

restaurant’s interior. we were the only customers there.


because i can’t eat prawns and i don’t really fancy pork, i ordered the ika (squid) -tama mixture. and this mixture costs 14 bucks. not worth it at all. makes me want to have an okonomiyaki party at my house. i will put lots of vegetables, mushrooms and chicken or even salmon.

me pouring the mixture on the teppan.

flipping and trying to make it round.

the outcome.

am’s turn! her’s looked pretty good too. f.paps was lazy so i had to make his. tsk. i didn’t really mind because i love to cook.

for dessert, we had le cafe’s beancurd tart. my favourite!

walked to liang court via fort canning park. sweated like crazy. took loads of pictures using both chadwick and mitch. chadwick died on me halfway though. :(

tsk. tarzan wannabe. :X


it was a tiring but fruitful walk.

at liang court, we walked around meidi-ya and after that at yamakawa in central.  i bought this because we could not find the bottled ones. nitto royal milk tea > kirin milk tea.

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