restaurant chako

went to this japanese restaurant with buddy at this rather remote place in west coast with private houses surrounding it. decided to try out this place because i read rather good reviews about it. this eatery is run by a japanese obasan and her daughter. both of them are so cute.

8 more pictures under the cut.

i love the traditional interior.

bud’s chicken zoni set.

claypot with chicken, vegetables, mushrooms and glutinous rice cakes. not bad. it’s something that i would totally eat but i chose something else instead.

my unatamaju set. unagi galore!

super soft unagi with eggs and rice. it’s more ingredients compared to rice so i could finish it all. :D one thing though, the unagi does not taste like the regular commercial unagi. there’s just a slight hint of sweetness. it was good nonetheless. true homestyle cooking.

green tea pudding with red beans.. i can never say no to desserts especially green tea ones.

caramel custard pudding. this was really good. pretty refreshing considering that it’s made of custard.

i would definitely come back to this place again. especially for lunch since there’s a 10% discount if you pay by cash :D


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