mushroom pot

img 002-pola
met up with am at OG orchard for mushroom pot’s student buffet. if you are a mushroom lover like me, you will love this place.

7 more pictures under the cut.

for the buffet, each table is entitled to 5 starters (in smaller portions of course) from the menu. we chose the following:

img 005
cold tofu. chose it simply for the fact that i love tofu.

img 006
beancurd skin rolls with mushrooms.

img 007
mushrooms with thai sauce.

img 010
teriyaki scallops.

img 011
golden monkeyhead mushrooms. we didn’t know it was deep fried so we left it unfinished. so glad that am and i have similar tastes (i.e. a dislike for fried food).

img 012
wild mushroom ee-fu noodles. this is a must-try. totally different from the usual ee-fu noodles you eat at chinese restaurants.

img 009
the hot pot. the black broth you see is actually mushroom soup with herbs. had fish filet, golden mushrooms, tofu, dumplings, eggplant  and loads of vegetables.

the total bill came up to be $45.80. which was quite okay i think. we sat there for 2 hours and 15 minutes just talking and stuffing food in our mouths. :D we digested the food by walking from golden mile complex (went there to buy cheap converse sneakers for my personal project) to clarke quay. my little feet hurts now though. :\


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