the singapore flyer

every tuesday is a buddy outing day. this time, we went to the singapore flyer for a photography session.

9 more pictures under the cut.

before that, we had dinner at sushi tei.
img 001
i can never say no to unagi

img 002
or salmon. this is my first time ordering the dai dai roll and boy was it good. fillings consisted of mangoes, crabsticks and lettuce.

img 007
bud’s unagi hitsumabushi. the pot contains dashi soup which is to be poured on the rice. reminds me of the ochazuke i had in japan. immense craving alert!!!

proceeded to the flyer after that.
img 009
the ticketing queue was surprisingly long. it must be due to the student promotion. i mean, personally, i wouldn’t even think of going to the flyer if not for this promo.

img 010
next door cabin.

img 014
the cloudy weather was kinda bad for taking pictures.

img 023
but once the sun started to set…

img 032
the pictures turned out better even though there’s a lot of construction going on around the area. the lights make up for it.

img 044
played around with shutter speeds. i love scribbly light pictures. :D


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