a walk down memory lane

i was just digging through tons of photos from my younger days and decided to share some. :D cringe-worthy photos up ahead!

mummy and grumpy little me.

the train which i could sit on for hours.

1989: my 1st birthday.

1990: my 2nd birthday. with cher and pongie. HAHA. don’t kill me for putting this up. :P

i look so bored here but that’s not the point. look at what i’m holding in my hand! :D STRAWBERRY.

i have no idea what happened to this doll.

1995: my 6th birthday. my brother was 1. he used to be SO cute. but not anymore. now he’s just this dude with man smell.

parents just love to dress their kids in identical clothing even though they aren’t identical at all.


1999: i started to expand sideways. lol. look at the pair of khakis i’m wearing in the photo. i still have it because it’s still wearable. haha.

2001: gosh, super cringe-worthy photo. i hate my hair and my clothes. EW.

must counter with this:
2009: at ah gwen’s birthday.

to end off… a super old picture of my dad:

him in his ship cabin. he used to be a sailor. would you look at the wall behind him. TSK!

close up. HAHA. what’s with the moustache, seriously? cracks me up.


11 thoughts on “a walk down memory lane

  1. au why you hair like kena electrocuted like tt??? damn cute la! if i see a baby like this, i confirm will BITE THE CHEEKS! -evil grin-

  2. Nice! We’ve all evolved :D And what was I looking at?? Those were the days man. Anyways.. You look so cute laaaah.

    • haha cherie looks super cute in that photo. her mushroom hair. HAHA. no idea what you were looking at. TV probably?

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