ju ju hokkaido hot pot

foodie outing with am last wednesday. we love to explore new places to dine and such. we decided on ju ju hokkaido hot pot at the ex-paradiz, now POMO’s basement. this place has been around for a pretty long time. i remember eating at its next door sister’s branch, tao, when i was pretty young. can’t remember what i ate.

14 more pictures under the cut.

the lunch set ($19.80++) is made up of 6 courses.

starters consisted of a piece of cod fish,

a small piece of tofu topped with bonito flakes and one semi-boiled egg. you know, the kind where you usually find in ramen. they provided us with a special sauce to pour all over it and woah, was it good.

i had cold soba as the side while am had rice. the soba was just average. it does not have the bouncy texture that i always look for in my noodles.

am’s seafood hot pot set.

look at the size of it!

my fish platter set which consisted of 3 types of fishes. sea bass, grouper and dory.

my attempt in feigning shock (because i already knew how huge the servings were going to be). i took a pretty long time to finish my boat. 2 hours to be exact. i even threw some of my fish slices to am who said she did not feel full after finishing her entire boat.

am received 3 free scallops on the house because the waiter who served us was kinda flirting with her. HAHA. we came to a conclusion that he’s probably looking for a woman in order to get his pink i/c.

that was not the only free dish that we got. he started bringing in stuff from tao. ham/cheese/mushroom dip with 4 pieces of garlic toast.

iced plum vinegar to wash our palette and aid our digestion before dessert.

i chose the honey dew ice thing. i love that it contains a subtle hint of cinnamon.

am’s purple glutinous rice with yam.

but that’s not all, we were once again presented with a free dessert by the very same waiter:
brownies with vanilla ice cream. i was surprised to find the vanilla ice cream impeccably light instead of the cheap and heavy plastic tasting ones.

i would say that the $19.80++ was very well-spent thanks to am. *coughs* but even without the free food i still think it’s quite worth it. we are going to try tao the next time we meet up.

because we were darn full, we made sure we walked loads to digest everything. walked from dhoby gaut to arab street (to get something for my personal project) to bras basah (bought the art of monster house at basheer for only 30 bucks! love that book to bits) to city hall.

rested our little feet at iluma’s tea dot. i had apricot yogurt whereas am had the matcha latte. i think i will still be heading to starbucks for my matcha frapp fix. at least they offer to use non-fat milk. places like tcc and tea dot uses full cream which… kinda turns me off. am told them that they should consider having options like starbucks. haha! so we may expect to see that in the future.


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