08.07.09 – 8 years and counting :)


4 thoughts on “BFFs

  1. Hi, sorry for the impromptu email at the wrong post somemore :p But I was googling for Digipen students’ blogs when I saw your blog. I am kind of torn between going to a local uni and Digipen. Mind providing abit of info about how the environment in Digipen SG is like and whether you found it ok so far? I am probably going to BFA for this years intake btw. Thanks again!

    • Hi Redian,

      I have to say that there are pros and cons between choosing Digipen over a local uni (ntu’s adm i presume). they have almost the same course structure but Digipen includes more useful and necessary modules like human/animal anatomy, human life drawing (with nude models and all), acting for animation etc. i find that these modules have helped me a lot in many ways. animation usually involves humans most of the time. so it’s really necessary to know how our body works.

      cons is obviously the price. i feel bad for spending so much of my parents money.

      environment wise.. not bad. because we are the first batch, we got the all space to ourselves. but with 4 more classes joining the current 2 this year, it’s going to be way crowded considering the amount of space that we have. hopefully they will open up more rooms. though i don’t see any renovation work going on so far. :\ school is about to start in one month +.

      the teachers are really good in what they do as well. they are not able to teach us every single thing so be sure to ask more during after school hours. they are more than willing to share their knowledge.

      see you at school if you are joining us. :)

    • Hey Claire,

      Yeah, I feel exactly the same way as you do about the differences between NTU adm and Digipen BFA.

      Regarding the space issue, I actually asked them about that :) I attended the information session very recently and was showed the new units (2 I think) that they opened up for the coming intake. Renovation work seems to be ongoing also.

      Urm lastly, I actually wanted to ask about the environment in terms of the classmates you are surrounded with. It was not too convenient a question to pose during the info session. I read somewhere that the student body in Digipen SG consists of mainly foreigners from countries like Finland, US, Korea etc. Is that true. Are locals actually minorities in BFA?

      Also, any idea if that computer science programme RTIS has a study body of 100% guys (barring the Korean exchange students)? A female friend of mine is accepted into RTIS but she is somehow quite concerned about this point.

      Anyway thanks alot for your helpful reply about the environment!

      • lol. no. for my current class, there are only 3 foreign students. 1 from finland and 2 from Australia.

        the korean students are in RTIS. mostly guys but i think there’s around 4 girls currently.

        anyway it depends on this year’s intake. so i can’t say for sure.

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