mentaiko love

have not been updating because i was lazy and i spent the whole of thursday and friday watching boys before flowers. *coughs*

anyways last tuesday, i had lunch with buddy at tcc. i have been wanting to try their new mentaiko pasta ever since i saw it on the menu.

7 more pictures under the cut.

outfit of the day:
top: zara
leggings: online
bag: bagAge
necklace/headband: far east

the above-mentioned mentaiko pasta. this is SO good, no words can describe it. it’s pretty pricey for 19 bucks though. however, tcc members can enjoy a 1 for 1 main course during lunch. it’s a pity neither of us are tcc members. it would save us loads.

headed over to wheelock to get my green tea chocolate at the chocolate research facility. but sadly, they were out of stock for the week. :(

bought lavender instead but the taste was too mild. pretty good chocolate though.

every flavour has it’s own packaging. i love the design for the alcohol series best. but i will never buy it because i don’t like chocolates with alcohol in them.

this is what the chocolate looks like. shared half of it with buds.

and and i got jason mraz’s we sing, we dance, we steal things limited edition cd/dvd. it used to be $53 but hmv is selling it at 40% off! so it ended up being only $31.90. it’s so worth it.


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