still in love with mentaiko

first up, changed my layout so i can put bigger pictures. it would be a problem if i choose to switch back though. but i shan’t think about that for now.

anyways, met up with buddy after work for ramen at netsuretsu ichiban-tei. they do not provide free kimchi anymore. :(

i had the hiyashi ramen (cold). it was a tad too salty but i love the texture of the noodles.

bud’s tonkatsu ramen.

shared a plate of gyoza.

after dinner, we went to meidi-ya because i wanted to get this!

mentaiko sauce! i think it will taste awesome with rice too. initially i was quite reluctant to buy it for $4.60 because i thought it was only for one serving. i just found out an hour ago that it contains 2 packets of sauce! so worth it. i am going to see if it tastes like tcc’s mentaiko pasta. if it does, then all the better.

since i’m still in the food-mood, i shall share what i had on lunch on monday (my last freedom day before starting work at my mom’s office):

nyc wholewheat bagel with tuna, tomatoes and lettuce/ salad with goma dressing on the side.

work just drains the energy from you. :(


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