randomness of the day #1

i took a walk to plaza singapura during lunch break today because i needed to buy something from spotlight. decided to bring chadwick along with me. i then realised that there was no way i was going to use him with my wallet, cardcase and handphone in my hands. so, i headed to cotton on and got myself the $2 recycled cotton tote.

random pictures i took:

#1 ribbons galore!
i wish i could have all of them.

the sky was unbelievably blue and clear today.

#3 starbuckeroo
this was at the cathay. did you know ever since they started selling matcha frappe, i stopped drinking other frappes? i used to love mocha and caramel frappe. not anymore.

at night, these lights look like pink lollipops.

my mom says that they have pretty good photography classes here.

#6 pig sack
my piglet wrist cushion. typing for long hours at work can seriously make my wrists sore. pig sack is for my right hand because it’s precious. :D


2 thoughts on “randomness of the day #1

  1. Better blog layout cos the pictures are big. Big pictures are nice cos they’re pretty nice shots of randomness. :3

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