green-chan’s 21st!

24 july 2009: green chan’s birthday celebration 1 week in advance. met the girls after work at orchard.

first we had dinner at sushi tei.

liam and green chan ate the ebi tempura don.

i had the unagi kimchi don which was SO good despite it’s unappetizing looks. i call this the delicious mess. too bad it’s on the seasonal menu.  go try it before it ends in september!

love green-chan’s new haircut. :D so pretty.

after dinner, we went back to the hotel, royal plaza on scotts to relax and wait for green-chan’s birthday cake.
took lots of picture in the toilet. this is so meant for couples please. i see no other point in making a toilet with a glass panel.

like seriously, i think husbands will get bored looking at their wives bathe because they take a longer time to do so. wives wouldn’t even want to look at their husbands bathing. but i think it will be quite cool for life drawing… HAHAHA. *coughs*

green-chan’s friend, maya, came with the cake at around 11+pm. doesn’t it look beautiful?! i squealed in my heart when i saw it. strawberry galore!!!

the birthday girl and her cake.

liam and i fresh after bathing.

me in my favourite strawberry shortcake nightie! it was a gift from liam.

we played a bit of mario kart on wii.

and a few rounds of uno.

a pretending-to-sleep shot before we actually fell asleep.

the next morning, green-chan and i had breakfast at carousel. i love the pastries.


instax pictures that we took.

a simple and wonderful get together. :) love my girls.


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