who knew dirt tasted awesome?

just felt the need to blog about this. HAHA. i wanted to just post the picture and let you think that i had a wonderful lunch but in actual fact, not really. read on, read on…

brown rice, stir fried lean pork, carrots, greens, onions in mentaiko sauce with floor dirt. yes, you read that right. floor dirt.

as i was cleaning the table due to spillage, i knocked over my bento box. i’m not one who would usually use swear words, but i screamed FUCK when it happened. i sat on the floor, thinking of what to do next since i just lost my lunch which i spent half an hour preparing. so i grabbed a piece of meat which was saved by the chair and ate it. oh. my. gosh. it was darn awesome. so, i did the grossest thing ever. i scooped the rice back into my bento box. *shift eyes left and right* what? i just can’t let my mentaiko sauce go to waste!

you might be cringing or shaking your head in digust but seriously, it’s just HOME kitchen floor dirt. you think hawkers don’t pick what they have dropped and cook it all the same? what if you drop a piece of premium salmon on your kitchen floor? i bet you would pick it up and eat it too. i know i would. :\ sigh, so yes. enough incessant ranting about this.

just please don’t hate me or discriminate me just because i ate some floor dirt :(


6 thoughts on “who knew dirt tasted awesome?

  1. It’s your house, your kitchen. your own kitchen floor! don’t tell me your floor very dirty haha xD hey claire it’s coolz. it’s better than recovering food rations on the ground during field camp D:

    • wellll.. we clean the kitchen floor once a week? HAHA. i actually found a hair in my rice. *shivers* but everything is already digested and out of my body. so yea :P YOU DO RECOVER FOOD FROM THE MUDDY GROUND? @_@

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