d.i.y: strappy flats and shoe lust list

i’ve been looking at strappy shoes lately. don’t ask me why.
when i saw this pair, i screamed I WANT to myself like crazy but it costs like US$138 at freepeople.com. i love the fact that it’s zippered at the back so i do not have to buckle the straps. i hate shoes that needs buckling.


i must be really weird to like this pair. though, i think it would look better without the shredding. hem the edges in and it’ll be fine.

i saw this at trendy zone before but i didn’t buy it because unlike this pair, it wasn’t zippered at the back.

i would prefer this in black, thank you.

my mantra always has been “if you can’t get what you want, do it yourself if it’s within your limits”. so, ta-dah! i completed this just an hour ago. it took me the whole evening.




10 thoughts on “d.i.y: strappy flats and shoe lust list

  1. How did you attach the black elastic? Did you sew it on, paste it on, or some other method? I love the look of these….

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