of yummilicious food and more d.i.y.

i took off from work on monday this week because i had to go for my free sewing class that came along with the new brother sewing machine my mom purchased one month ago. before the class, i had lunch with buds at sushi tei because i had immense craving for the kimchi unagi don. i’m officially sick of it now though.
i ordered extra kimchi.

buds ordered organic tofu with kimchi.

although it is still a box of delicious mess, i find that it doesn’t look as good as the one i had at paragon.

a picture of my tom yum chicken soup that i had for lunch yesterday.

the sewing class was really fun. it’s only made up of 2 students and 1 teacher who was a very friendly aunty. besides teaching us the normal stitches and how to sew a buttonhole, she also taught us how to make a cushion cover from scratch!

i still can’t really keep my stitches straight though.

meet my sewing machine.

sewing fringe trim on a giordano lycra top which i haven’t worn for ages due to the small neck hole.

the end product! i have to say i’m very happy with it despite the atrocious hemming of the neckline.


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