end-of-summer cleaning

because spring is long over.

i haven’t cleared my drawers for ages. here are some things that i found:

#1 social studies notes for ‘O’ levels

so it’s been about 5 years since i’ve touched my drawers.

#2 cassette tapes

i used to record songs from the tv and radio using these. ultra old school.

#3 wooden bookmarks

i think my late grand dad gave this to me.

#4 expired film

yay! more film for my holga.

#5 tiffany and co’s jewelery

i got these from one of the wedding dinners i attended years ago. must be some rich couple.

#6 wallets

that are still in good condition. *coughs*

#7 badges/pins

i can’t believe i have 5 anti drug abuse pins. :\

#8 hello kitty keychains

i can’t bear to throw them away.

#9 super old sketch book

gross drawing


i bursted into a fit of laughter when i saw this. oh, those were the childish days. don’t laugh at me. *blush*

at the end of everything, 2 huge bags of rubbish were discarded.

another reason for this end-of-summer cleaning is the loft bed that my mom promised me if i can keep my table/room clean and neat for 2 weeks. yippee~

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