d.i.y: hand-carved stamps

i love stamps or chops but i don’t really buy them because the nice ones are always so expensive and the cheap ones are not very nice.

so after watching this tutorial, i decided to try carving my own stamps too.

materials: largest block of staedtler eraser, woodcarving set and tracing paper.

of all things, i had to choose the eiffel tower which was so tedious! too many small holes to dig.

but i managed to do it. great satisfaction considering that it’s my first time. wee! i plan to do more soon. :D


8 thoughts on “d.i.y: hand-carved stamps

  1. Its nt liek i’ve vanished from the earth man. haha.
    I check back once in a while cos i find the stuff you do during yur sch term kinda interesting.
    Don’t have time to go down to digipen to see wuts going on tho. sad

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