stgcc 2009

went to the toy, game, comic convention with mal last saturday. i expected it too be really crowded but it was alright. last year was kinda bad.

the first picture i took was this:
vinyl domos. i picked a box for mal and it turned out to be the gay-ish pink one. *coughs*

rorschach from watchmen! i gasped when i saw him.

even the singapore zoo store has a booth. :\

the usuals like blythe will always be there. i took pictures of all the dolls on display but these my favourites mainly because their eyes are not as creepy-looking.



pretty to look at but not worth the investment.

asian version of the joker and batman. though i’m not really sure of the joker’s race.

if i have to eat a meal at suntec, i would go for this 95% of the time. thunder tea rice from food republic. :D great way to get your bowels moving.


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