this is a lumpy post

yes this is a lumpy post because i am going to lump 4 days worth of stuff in this post all thanks to my laziness.

met up with gwenzy last wednesday to shop for ah liam’s present as well as to plan for her big surprise the following monday.


we had dinner at sushi tei because gwenzy wanted to try the unagi kimchi bento.

despite me saying that i want to try something else, i still ate the delicious mess (for the third time) in the end.

love this random shot that gwenzy took of me. i had to tie my hair in a braid because it was so untidy.

on saturday, i went to am’s for my haircut. this time, i gave her this picture for reference. :D

it doesn’t really look the same due to the colour and texture but i still love it.

i just need to curl in the ends of my hair. i bought cheap curlers at daiso. hah!

and it’s a tradition to eat at the thai place near am’s house after my haircut.

seafood vermicelli.

basil chicken. it’s a must-order!

mango salad. we also had tom yam soup and a plate of kang kong. 5 dishes for $27. so worth it.

met up with some of my secondary school mates. incidentally, none of them are from my class. LOL. friendships works in mysterious ways.

anyways the main purpose was to meet up with william a.k.a. pra pra to me, noo and soo. he’s pursuing his studies in US and was here for a week to visit.

dinner was at pizza hut.
self-shot fail.

drumlets shared between noo, soo and i.

pra pra and i had the vegetarian podomoro.

while noo and soo had the spicy chicken podomoro. the rest of the 3 dudes had something else but i can’t be bothered to get a shot of their food. *coughs*

the service at plaza singapore’s pizza hut sucks. that’s all i can say. the staff can’t differentiate the chicken podomoro and the vegetarian podomoro which led into a huge confusion and ya-da ya-da. they didn’t even apologize!

we shifted to hot tomato after that to accompany a friend for dinner. entertained ourselves by taking timer shots.



we reminisced about the good ol’ secondary school days. gossiped a little and found out that quite a few people have gotten hitched. insane.

it was ah liam’s birthday on monday! woke up early to prepare bentos for my girlies.

this was ah liam’s because she loves crayon shinchan.

met gwen at bedok before heading to liam’s house to surprise her. we almost failed because we saw her at the void deck! she was shocked to see us there though. HAHA!

happy birthday dearest liam :)


went to tampines mall for a while. bought a black slouchy bag from charles and keith. yes, i know i have many bags. but i can’t help it. :\ besides it was on 30% discount.


left the girls at 2.30 and met mal for mint museum. shall blog about it another day due the huge amount of pictures i took. :P


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