d.i.y.: studded cardigan

today was my last day at work and it was a good last day indeed. i was listening to the radio and decided to take part in miss vandetta’s spot on giveaway. so basically the DJ will give you 3 numbers within half an hour and you are supposed to multiply them. the first person to send in the answer wins. i’m a person who doesn’t believe in luck. if i win, it’s all God’s will. so i was asking Him, can i have this little present before i start school? HAHA. so yea, i won a colbie caillat cd, an archie comic featuring her and a $100 superdog voucher. :\ sweet, i can save money on my meals.

so, school starts next monday. i haven’t had sleepless nights for a really long time. all i want is for this semester to end quickly so i can go for my confirmed trip to japan with my cousins :D can’t wait for our reunion.

anyways, i was browsing the lastest issue of vivi online last night. came across this page and BAM, i fell in love with the cardigan.

i then recalled that i bought some metals studs a month ago, dug out my one and only black cardigan and created this:

i’m short of one stud though. you can’t really notice it but i will not wear it out unless i have fixed that one stud on my jacket.

sigh. things i do to save money. but in the end, i still save to spend. so is it really saving? :\


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