the skinny on pizza

mal and i were supposed to go on a photography outing at kranji memorial and marina barrage today but because it was raining, we had to change our plans. :(

went to a couple of places to get stuff for my diy projects before heading to esplanade.

i am so loving the current showcase at the underpass. it changes pretty frequently but i don’t really keep track of it.

the artist uses a mix of traditional and digital media for this series.




the ones below are all done in charcoal. awesome shading.




i can only stare in admiration and enviousness.




then, we headed to the esplanade library and i borrowed some dvds:

better enjoy to the fullest before school starts.

dinner was at skinny pizza, suntec city. read some raving reviews about it on the web plus i had a 20%-off-any-pizza coupon.

mal ordered a serving of truffle fries. being a person who avoids all kinds of deep-fried food, i actually liked it due to the truffle taste. makes me want to get a jar of truffle salt.

we shared a large ratatouille pizza which was superb. despite the crust being biscuit-thin, we felt really full due to the huge amount of veggies. i can’t wait to go back again to try the wild mushrooms and truffle oil pizza. they have savoury ice creams too! >_<

alright. back to watching my dvds.


5 thoughts on “the skinny on pizza

  1. ITOKOOO… guess which one? hahaha.
    i haven’t been here in SO LONG, i’m sorry x( but yes, i’m letting the excitement build-up for our upcoming trip! woot~ so other than the fact that i don’t eat sashimi (don’t glare at me) i’m up for anything else! i know school’s starting very soon… when are you free to chat on skype? and did you let pongie know of the dates already?!

    • glares at you! haha. tsukiji’s sushi is awesomeee. how can you not eat sashimiiii. i think they have cooked ones though. haha i’ll have to check :) i’m free to chat anytime. just let me know when you are free. and yes pongie knowwss. but she didn’t reply on that matter. haha.

  2. You nd truffle salt? Get from me, I’ve got quite a lot. Get it free frm me haha. It’s a pressie from JJ but I didn’t use it much. Can’t possibly use everyday! LOLX

      • Not much also. Sometimes simple and FRESH ingredients r still the no nonsense to make a solid dish! Let me know when you want it, I’ll pass some to JJ. My number is 82014610. Just give a msg!

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