what a frenchy day

met up with gwenzy after her school at clementi. took a bus to holland village for french food at:

it’s situated at a pretty secluded place but we managed to find our way there. :D

we were served warm baguette with butter for starters.

gwenzy had escargots for appetizers.

i had warm goat’s milk cheese with roasted peppers. i ordered it for adventure’s sake and didn’t expect myself to enjoy it that much.


we took pictures of each other while waiting for our main courses to arrive.

gwenzy’s beef onglet with french fries. the sauce was pretty good.

my pan-seared sea bass with spinach puree and boiled potatoes. this dish is so me. i know.

gwenzy’s dessert – choux buns with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce.

i had the strawberry shortcake. no surprise there. it tasted pretty normal. i’ve had better strawberry cakes.

me stealing gwenzy’s chocolate sauce because she doesn’t like chocolate. pardon my retarded face. LOL.


a cup of tea to end the meal.

took the bus to orchard and i was pretty intrigued by this…

the only seat with a seat belt. like anybody will use it. :\

we caught coco avant chanel at cineleisure. it was pretty boring in my opinion. i could barely keep my eyes open but i had to because i wanted to see the marvelous clothes featured in the movie. inspirations galore. :D audrey tatou was wonderful as always but really, the story bores me to death.

walked around ion/wisma/wheelock. got pretty tempted by quite a number of things. a bloody red mango bag, a metal tin lunch box from borders, metal studded flats from topshop, zara gingham shirt which was on sale but not in my size, uniqlo shorts etc. but managed to restrict myself. now, i’m thinking about the mango bag like crazy. >_<. girls and their shopping genes. argh.


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