one of the most awesome book ever

i have been waiting to buy this book since forever! when i found out that kinokuniya brought it in a few days ago, i was ecstatic. so i went down today and got it. :D

some of the pages inside:
food stickers with smell (YES SMELL). i inhaled the strawberry one for about 5 minutes.

most awesome 3D hamburger.

ice cream snowman. green tea flavour please!

this is supposed to be the interior of the food monster. but it looks like paradise to me.

gasp! ice cream landdddd.

alright, i figured i should at least throw in one page of character design. HAHA. all of them are really good i have to say.

the food monster. very eligible for “this is why you are fat” website.

181 pages of pure visual delight. please buy this book if you can. super duper highly recommended. now, i just have to watch this movie to see if it can overthrow my all time favourite, ratatouille. i highly doubt it though.


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