what i have been doing…

nothing exciting is happening at the moment except work and more work. so i shall just blog about some of the stuff that i have been doing in school. for people like puffo, lulu etc who might consider coming to my school, one piece of advice, take LOADS of time to consider. i have this love-hate relationship thing with my school at the moment. freshman year was insane but sophomore year is even worse. self-doubts, emotional breakdowns… i bet the devil is happy about these but i shall be strong in His grace.

environment concept done for the major project module. it’s the first time i’m painting such a complex environment on photoshop so pardon the shitty-ness of it. sigh… this module is a big headache. shan’t delve into it. the other module which i did this for is also another major headache. half the class is like fighting against the adjunct lecturer to reason out his judgments and what-not.


pirate design for dilip’s class. i think i have issues. the longer i look at my work, the more i find that it looks like crap. mally said that this means i have realised the mistakes i’ve made and my brain is telling me to fix it. *sings*: “bob the builder can we fix it? bob the builder yes we can!”

WEEK 4 - screwdriver
3-D modeling module. i have been complaining about my 3D lecturer a lot but i guess i can now see where he is coming from. he pushes us to achieve more than the given syllabus so that we learn and improve at a faster rate. anyways the point is never do what he asks you to do. :\

summer school is definitely on for me next year. anything to spread out the workload. meaning i will only have one month and 2 weeks to rest for the entire year. that’s nice to know.


7 thoughts on “what i have been doing…

  1. I think it all looks great! Your environment render. It’s O.O awesomey work.

    Don’t worry too much cos these lecturers want you to be sure of your footing and passions in doing such work. You’re doing great *sutong-wavess*

  2. auzie, press on! :) always find peace in the Lord when the times get tough ok! let’s meet up soon? i’ll cheer you up hehe. let’s go and hunt down more good food!!!

  3. Heys! I’m a bloghopper. . wondering how you do such nice painting on Photoshop. . any tips? The environment image and the screw driver, are they done using a 3d software, 3d max? My friends use that too, they said it is very powerful. The screw driver looks so real and your drawing is good.

    • hey there. i don’t really know of any tips per se. i look at a lot of work for inspirations but i guess the key points would be light, colour, composition of your environment. as for painting. well, it would be good to know traditional painting. it can help a lot. painting tutorials are available online. i do watch them but somehow i still can’t achieve the level of their awesomeness yet.

      only the screwdriver is done in 3d :)

      thanks for your comment.

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