hotdogs and pancakes

because i still had vouchers, i dragged mally to superdog for breakfast today since there was no school. was angry at myself (even though mally wasn’t) for forgetting to bring the vouchers and only realized it when we reached vivo. anyways we still made it in time for breakfast!

look at point number 5. this means that mcdonald’s meat are not fresh! :X

i had pancakes with sausage and egg.

mally had the same with extra bacon.

we also shared 2 chocolate chip pancakes and…

2 banana walnut pancakes. :D i have to say that the banana walnut pancakes are THE bomb. and as you can see, they are much thicker than the hotcakes at mcdonalds.

after stuffing 4 pancakes into my tummy we went to daiso just for kicks. i started taking random pictures just to revive this blog of mine.

cute banana sponge.

i love the beaded hangers but i have TONS of normal looking hangers at home. so no point buying.

fake flowers collect dust.

i remember eating these when i was really young. don’t see it at mama shops anymore.

i love colourful things.

looking at these makes me anticipate holding a can of warm milk tea in japan.

caramel corn! latest flavour – coca cola.

i almost wanted to buy the bear tote because it was irresistibly cute. too cute for somebody my age.

spot the leopard print pouch.

dolls for 2 bucks.

breakable dust-collecting cuteness.

came across this vintage radio made from wood on the way to daiso. lovely.

one more month people, one more month.


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