through a kaleidoscope

met up with my girlies for dinner after school today.

love ah gwen’s mega huge glasses.

it’s been a long time since the 3 of us went out together. it’s usually me with just one of them.

both ah gwen and leeam had the mushroom soup.

i had the red capsicum and tomato soup. we all reckon that soup spoon serves better soups than cedele. i don’t know why but i kinda prefer the cedele outlet at raffles city level 3. they serve mean pancakes and laksa pasta.

good thing is that they provide a free flow of rustic breads. only 2 out of the 5 breads are good. the rest tastes pretty weird.

me cutting the bread for my girlies. so fun!

we shared a plate of potato wedges

and wild mushrooms with garlic on bread.

me with the pink panther dance pro. :D

see that thing i’m holding on to? it’s a kaleidoscope lens and i love it.

thanks leeam for introducing it to me!


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