annual family dinner

my cousin came home from canada last wednesday and i only got to meet her just yesterday due to school and all.

we met up for lunch before going for service at church. she was craving for xiao long baos and the best place to go for them is ding tai feng of course!

a lot of people thinks she’s from korea. haha!

we shared a bowl of vegetable wonton soup, a basket of xiao long baos

and glutinous rice with red bean paste which was pretty weird on first bite. i’ve always preferred my glutinous rice to be the savory kind.

yesterday’s service was pretty long. 3 hours instead of the normal 2. i guess i’m pretty used to it already but we had plans to shop at bugis village, buy our japan rail passes at ion then head over to holiday inn for family dinner.

luckily, we managed to do everything and still reach on time for dinner.

part of the huge family (paternal side).

and obviously i was more excited to take pictures of the food rather than eating them.

some of the food available:

chili crabs. did not touch.

fried rice. did not touch.

fried noodles and broccoli. pretty normal.

crayfish and cauliflower. did not touch because i prefer broccoli over cauliflower.

my favourite section. :D cheesecake, strawberry tart, bread and butter pudding.

sweet crepes, honeydew and salmon sushi. :D my food combination is always that weird.

the box of purdy’s chocolates my cousin got us. she says that it’s the best chocolate brand in canada. they look too pretty to be eaten but i already had one. *coughs*



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