done with school!

for the next 3 weeks… we’ve already got a brief introduction about what we will be doing next semester and it involves gangsters + greek mythology. so after i’m back from japan, i will have to watch gangster movies like godfather.. etc. any gangster movies to introduce?

anyways, after handing up our final assignment today, ma^2 and i went to eat lunch, changed money at raffles place, watched princess and the frog and had dinner at tcc. walked to kinokuniya from dhoby gaut and took some pictures of the christmas lights on the way back.

shroom ragout at tcc. it’s like bite-sized pastry bowls with rich mushroom soup. SO GOOD. very addictive too. if i had the money, i will order 2 plates and have them all to myself.

the all time favourite mentaiko pasta.

ferrero rocher christmas tree just outside takashimaya.

playing with shutter speeds.

out of focus shots on purpose. so abstract, i like. :D

and.. i got my tickets for paramore!!! i have been waiting them to come since forever – before they became so famous here in our little island. which is sad. i think i’m going to see loads of little kids at the concert with me.

2 more days till japan! :D:D:D


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