shin yeh, liang court

last family dinner of the year at liang court today.

the food was alright. not really my type of cuisine.

we had a choice of either rice or sweet potato porridge to go with our dishes. i chose porridge.

pig trotters. *shivers*

squid with leek.

minced meat with salted egg yolk. i kinda like it.

baby kailan with garlic. probably one of my favourite dish of the lot. LOL.

ikan bilis with peanuts.

black pepper beef cubes. yum.

some spring roll with weird stuff in it. did not touch.

yam paste with ginko nut. it’s not mine though.

i shared mango shaved ice with cherzy. not as good as ice monster’s. :D i’m craving for some mango and chicken floss crepes.


i’m leaving for japan tomorrow!!! advanced merry christmas to all my friends and an advanced happy birthday to PUFFO!


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