japan 2009: harajuku, shibuya

after the ghibli studio and lunch at shinjuku, we went to harajuku and shibuya for shopping! i love love love harajuku. there’s H&M, forever21 and topshop on the same street! i really wish somebody would bring H&M to singapore. anyways, they were having this crazy sale where almost everything was going for 1000 yen (S$15.50). i bought loads of course.

cuzzie and i at takeshita dori. i guess it’s comparable to bugis village’s 2nd level.

cheap boots.

burger ear muffs.

we had crepes too!

normally i would find whipped cream disgusting. but the ones in japan are SO fresh, i didn’t really mind eating it. you could actually taste the milk, unlike the plastic-tasting ones here.

on the way to shibuya.

it’s only 6pm in this picture.

crazy crowds. we didn’t explore shibuya at all because we were too tired.

then, we went back to chofu (where our hotel was) and bought dinner. almost wanted to get one of the strawberry cakes but i decided that i had enough cream for the day.

okonomiyaki taiyaki packed with loads of cabbage.

my sweet potato mont blanc.

ushi’s original mont blanc.

cuzzie’s tiramisu mont blanc.

us eating on my luggage. lol.


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