japan 2009: ooedo onsen monogatari

ushi brought us to the ooedo onsen monogatari on 22/12/2009. it’s an indoor onsen theme park with the traditonal japanese festival feel.

us in our yukata.

inside the theme park.

for lunch we had sushi!

inari, salmon, mentaiko ika (squid)

ushi’s platter with other fishes and uni. i couldn’t bear to spend my money on uni.

traditional dining area.

i tried oden too. not very spectacular i must say. very similar to our yong tau foo.

daikon, konnyaku and hanpen.

and for dessert! matcha ice cream with kinako powder and mochi balls. i love kinako.

games available within the area. ball scooping and fake fish catching with paper nets.

we played taiko no tatsujin and bishi bashi at the arcade. the japanese version of bishi bashi is so much more fun.

i didn’t go into the onsen due to the monthly thing but i heard it was really good.

anyways, we went outdoors for the foot bath.

it feels extremely good due to the winter air.

i think there’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for an onsen experience at hakone. this theme park is good enough. and the entrance fee is only 1900 yen (S$29). the only thing you are missing out is an elaborate kaiseki meal and spending the night in a tatami room. :) ah well, just go for both like us *coughs* unless you are on a tight budget.


One thought on “japan 2009: ooedo onsen monogatari

  1. Next time you’re in Hakone, try Hakone Sengokuhara Guesthouse. They have cheap tatami rooms to spend the night in (Y3,200 a night) and the use of three authentic onsens are included in the price. The hot spring mineral water comes from Owakudani Volcano it is very hot and relaxing! We stayed there with my parents in November last year and loved it. You can see photos of the room and onsen on our blog here: http://wanderingvegans.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/hakone-but-no-fuji-san/

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