japan 2009: izakaya experience at shinjuku

after enjoying the afternoon at the ooedo onsen monogatari, we headed to shinjuku for dinner. we have been wanting to go to an izakaya but it’s always packed! and when it’s packed, the staff will ask you to leave (politely) just because the place is full at the moment.

we managed to find a place at shinjuku that does not reject their customers.

us happy to sit down after the izakaya hunt.

we each ordered a low-content alcoholic fruit drink. mine’s strawberry as usual.

bamboo shoots for appetizers.

daikon salad.

tsukune – minced chicken meat ball with sweet soy sauce. SO GOOD.

tsukune with mentaiko sauce!

random organs. i don’t even want to know what they are.

agedashi tofu.

something unusual. nankotsu karaage – chicken cartilage. interesting texture.

after dinner, we walked to times square to see the christmas lights which was pretty normal. no fancy decorations or anything.

replica of the louvre.


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