japan 2009: the kaiseki meal

camwhoring while waiting for our dinner.

why can’t onsen inns have better looking yukatas?

round one:

the pickles were quite nasty. we had to force ourselves to chow it down otherwise the plate will never be cleared.

raw meat and vegetables for shabu shabu.


the shabu shabu pot.

round two:

chawanmushi with loads of ingredients in it. tasted herby too.

rice with cooked salmon.

baked oyster with cheese. not a fan of oysters but the cheese covers it’s taste completely.


round three:

assorted tempura with a bowl of rice. the rice was SO good. i guess rice is not a dish that a person would rave about but it’s really different from the japanese rice you get in tokyo restaurants. you could  literally see the shine on each and every grain.

the lady who served us wanted us to finish this tub of rice but it’s really impossible. we were already feeling full before round three.

round four:

dessert. apple sorbet with a slice of grapefruit.



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