japan 2009: matcha parfaits

number of matcha parfaits consumed for this trip: 2

the first one was  in tokyo at tsujiri, daimaru. it was our lunch. i don’t think anybody can still eat lunch after such a filling dessert.

cherzy’s mochi matcha parfait.

ushi’s matcha parfait with more cake.

mine’s a mix of everything with strawberries.

my idea of a perfect parfait is when it starts well and ends well. the one we ate started pretty well with all the cake and ice cream but towards the bottom, all we got was tasteless kanten jelly. no can do.


however! the one we had at kyoto was AWESOME throughout.  started with cake, mochi, kanten jelly and a macaroon (!). followed by ice cream and more cake plus red bean paste  and matcha mousse at the end. perfect.

we ate this for lunch as well.

yes, my diet while in japan was pretty unhealthy if i must say. but thanks to this:

and the vast amount of walking, all is good. :D


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