japan 2009: kobe port and chinese food

we went to the kobe port on christmas because pongie said that we cannot come all the way to kobe and not visit the kobe port.

after a while, cherzy and i realised that there’s an exceptionally HUGE amount of couples walking around. even more than singapore on valentine’s day. :\

i love carousels. i want to ride on the biggest one in united states.

look! i can easily capture up to 10 couples in a portrait shot.

we even saw this – the “shake hand” dome. if you shake hands with the person that you like and the dome lights up, it means you will have a good future ahead. utterly cheesy and bullshit. :X there’s even a queue for this! a pretty long one. argh. *shivers*

i’d rather take a picture with my favourite totoro.

the kobe port tower.

we wanted to have dinner at this fish restaurant just behind the kobe tower but they were having a special function. so we walked down to chinatown. i love japan but i have to say ours beats theirs a million times.

the cuzzies had ramen.

while i choose something that can’t be found in singapore. omu rice with bamboo shoot gravy.

we had a really long day on christmas and i slept like a pig after.


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