japan 2009: i ♥ melon pan

during my previous trip to japan in 2008, i mentioned that i ate melon pan almost everyday for breakfast. this time round was no different.

oddly shaped melon bun.

beautiful melon buns from a bakery near pongie’s dorm.

larger-than-my-face melon bun.

strawberry flavoured melon bun.

raisin melon bun.

verdict: the larger-than-my-face melon bun was the best because it only costs 100 yen. :D

some updates:

– my parents are in spain right now while i’m at home working my ass off.
– i’m not working my ass off at the moment because i just handed up this week’s work.
– i’m glad that i do not really have to go visiting this year because there’s stuff to be handed in on wednesday, immediately after chinese new year.
– i just reserved a copy of bioshock 2 (special edition). i LOVE bioshock 1 but i’m just buying 2 because of the extra stuff. :\
– i created a tumblr: THE STRAWBERRY FACTORY to post my school work and inspirations from the many art sites that i browse.


4 thoughts on “japan 2009: i ♥ melon pan

  1. I was browsing your archives and I must say that I love your blog. Especially the food pictures! They’ve totally left me hungry. I’m also envious of your trips to Japan – spending at least two weeks there is my dream trip! I came close to getting there last year, but – lucky me – my passport expired. Trying again soon. :) Your blog is a very enjoyable read, thanks!

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