japan 2009: shinsaibashi & shinsekai

we explored shinsaibashi and shinsekai within a day. i wouldn’t say we explored the whole area fully but at least we went to places that i’ve not been to.

glico man… i know i already have tons of pictures of him.

a random street. look at the amount of bikes by the road.

lunch was at a cafe which sells pretty good lattes as well. but none can compare to starbucks’ matcha tea latte. :D

really cheap omu rice. it was 680 yen if i remember correctly.

after lunch, we shopped around the area until the sky turned dark.

proceeded to shinsekai to take pictures of the tower (below) and eat kushiyaki.

we shared a snack – takoyaki sandwiched between 2 crackers – before dinner. they sell chocolate takoyaki too! i wanted to try them after dinner but sadly the shop was closing when we went back.

at a random kushiyaki place. there were so many of them, it was tough to make a decision.

we drank alcohol again. :\

and had a bento each. nobody else in the eatery had the bento set. oh wells.

everything is deep fried. >_< i downed a bottle of BB light2 after this super unhealthy meal.


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