i have been waiting for this band to visit our tiny island since year 2006. you have no idea how elated i was when i knew they were coming! it’s like a dream come true. huge huge thanks to kumama for accompanying me there!

the concert started promptly at 8pm with the opening act by a local band. thereafter, we had to wait ’till 9 for paramore. i didn’t mind waiting because i wasn’t in the mosh pit. the pit was CRAZY.

some of the pictures that we took.

the thing i love about concert (energetic ones) photography is that it’s mostly unpredictable.

i was still kinda miffed that josh wasn’t here but having taylor playing on my side was somewhat a satisfying replacement.

i so love the lighting in this one. makes hayley’s orange hair stand out even more.

see what i mean about the unpredictable-ness. i didn’t know i was going to capture her in mid-run.

OH SO NICE! i love her smile.

she came really close in this shot. the lighting sucked tho.

that’s me. happy as can be. didn’t want the night to end.


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