japan 2009: day 2 in kyoto

day 2 in kyoto was spent more on shopping. we did visit the kinkaku-ji first.

second time here. :\

we took the bus down to shijo street. shopped at teramachi street (which is within shijo) and a couple other streets which i can’t remember.

we also walked along the nishiki market. there’s so many things (food in particular) to see!

miso paste which looks like butterscotch ice cream.


cute lollipops.

steaming oden.


amazing soy donuts. you get them piping hot which makes it a delightful snack during winter.

and i saw fake donuts on the way back. these were not cheap at all.

dinner was at this western fusion cafe near the kinkaku-ji.

pongie had the chef’s special set which was insane.

it came with a deep fried beef steak which was amazingly tender.

and chicken cooked with some tomato sauce.

our set meals came with the same bowl of salad, rice and miso soup.

i ordered hamburger steak because i didn’t think it would be deep fried. -_-. anyways. it was good. i don’t think they left it in the oil for long because the insides was still juicy.

cherzy’s chicken set.

it was good. BB saved the day. *coughs*


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