japan 2009: train bento day

there were only two occasions where we ate on the train. (1) from kyoto to tokyo and (2) from tokyo to the narita airport.

the packaging was top notch. it looked like wooden bamboo boxes but it was actually just styrofoam.

both of us had the same one to tokyo. unagi sushi bento with other weird stuff on the side. tempura tastes like crap when it’s cold and soggy. the unagi didn’t even taste like unagi in my opinion. oh well.

however, we had hot bento meals when we headed to narita because we bought them from the supermarket.

cherzy’s fish bento.

i had salad…

and beef with rice. :D yum. i was stuffed but hey, it was my last meal in japan.

and this post is the last of my trip as well. :)


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