i think i’m a shopaholic

it may seem that i’m a diligent blogger these days but i’m actually scheduling my posts way beforehand. :D i’m such a cheat.

so during the spring break, some of the digipeners met up for a dinner and movie session. something which we haven’t done for the longest time. it’s sad that we see each other everyday but seldom hang out anywhere else other than school.

before that, i met panda in the morning for some shopping! we actually shopped from 11+am to 5pm. insane. and it was probably the first time i spent so much in a day.

had lunch at ippudo.

despite all the media hype, i thought the ramen was average. the broth was nice. but the noodles were meh (sorry i have spoilt tastebuds). i need to try santuoka, muratama and tampopo soon to compare. for now, i’m just comparing them to japan’s standards and they fail miserably. *coughs*

the runny eggs were overcooked as well. -_-

when girls come together, we camwhore.

met the others at 5.15pm. had dinner at aston’s before catching alice in wonderland.

eli, panda, me, loks. i shan’t post pictures of the others because it came out rather unglamorous. some with stuffed faces, some with weird facial expressions and etc.

some pictures of our food!

my fish deserves a bigger picture!

the whole group. :D


3 thoughts on “i think i’m a shopaholic

  1. HI CUZZIE!!!

    just checking up on you to see how you’re doing! man those pictures bring back good memories! hahaha. i keep thinking of your BB now after reading all those posts… p.s. i love those models you created, never knew such a website/program existed where you can design all these cool outfits! i learned something new today from you cuz!:D

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