i’m not a child but i like toys

i think i like too many things for my own good (from toys to fashion to games and art books. may i include good food as well). i bought these figurines quite recently – probably a month ago.

big sister and subject delta from bioshock 2. i would love to have a little sister figurine as well but singapore’s not selling them at the moment.

subject delta, the main character in the game.

the big sister is my favourite character in bioshock 2 and i have no idea why (maybe because she has ribbons on her basket :\). she’s pretty difficult to kill in the game and screams like a banshee to announce her arrival. i have not started playing bioshock 2 yet. i’m waiting for the holidays to start my gaming soiree. :D

and presenting my best buys!

i got these 3 corpse bride figurines at the weekly china square flea. only 45 bucks for 3! i’ve checked and normal stores sell them at $42 a piece! insane much? i’m missing 3 more from this set but it’s alright. i shall buy them next time. figurines from tim burton’s films never get old.

amazing details and colour.

victor and his pet dog. he’s freaking skinny. so afraid he will just break into pieces some day.

my favourite of the 3 has got to be emily. i love the intricate details on her dress.

these figurines are pretty fragile due to their ultra skinny arms but they are definitely worth the money i paid. :D


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