japanese snacks

i apologize for the sudden disappearance. it’s the last 3 weeks of school and i’ve been busy with the final project of this semester. a 12 second animation to be exact. i actually chose animation over doing a 7 page comic. i must be out of mind. i blame my brain for not being able to churn out a story on the day we had to decide our fate.

so, i was looking through my pictures to see if i have anything to blog about and found these! some snacks which i bought from my japan trip:

apollo matcha chocolate which is only available in kyoto. i love kyoto because they are mad about all things green tea. most of the green tea snacks are from kyoto.

takoyaki drops from osaka.

okonomiyaki candy from osaka as well. you can probably guess what they are crazy about.

okonomiyaki biscuits which tastes and looks almost like the real thing.

one of my favourites. kinako mochi chocolate. kinako (toasted soybean powder) chocolate on the outside with a chewy mochi in the middle. i think i bought about 4 packs of these. :D speaking of kinako. i haven’t used my kinako powder yet. kinako powder with soy milk is yums.


4 thoughts on “japanese snacks

  1. Really really surprised that the okonomiyaki candy REALLY tastes like okonomiyaki! although i’ve never tasted okonomiyaki before lolz

    • lol. if you haven’t tasted it, how would you know it tastes alike?! i would say the candy only has a hint of the sauce taste but other than that, it does not taste like okonomiyaki at all. lol.

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