nanxiang steamed bun restaurant

yesterday was the last day of spring semester but this time, i keep telling myself it’s not. that i still have things to do. so i don’t sink into total slack mode (summer classes start in a week’s time anyway).

met leeam at bugis after school. we’ve always wanted to try the soup bun at this place but never had the chance to.

pickled vegetables.

ja jiang mian. the noodles were undercooked.

their famous soup bun which is probably the best thing on their menu.

xiao long bao with cabbage. it was alright but i shall just have my fix of xiao long baos at ding tai feng next time.

vegetable bun.

this wasn’t too bad.

if i were to go back to this restaurant to eat again, i will only order the soup bun and nothing else. i am very fussy when it comes to food. sorry. :D

my beloved leeam. :)


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